Picula in Kiev with Klitschko and Reznikov

Croatian member of the European Parliament Tonino Picula visited the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Friday, December 2, 2022, as part of a joint delegation of the Committee on Foreign Policy (AFET) and the Subcommittee on Security and Defense (SEDE).

Picula on the new Law on Constituencies: There is no retreat

Tonino Picula, a Croatian member of the EU Parliament, commented live on N1 Studio today about the Constitutional Court's decision to repeal the Law on Constituencies, which expires on October 1, as well as the situation in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the context of EU accession.

Schmidt's decision from October is in the interest of both Croats and BiH

Croatian MEP and S&D coordinator for foreign affairs, Tonino Picula, met with Christian Schmidt, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, to discuss challenges in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Updated request for using the name Prošek

Croatian member of the European Parliament, Tonino Picula, continues to help Croatian winemakers in protecting Prošek by lobbying for the return of its real name.

EU security policy is the key to blocking authoritarian incursion

Croatian representative in the EP, coordinator of S&D for foreign affairs, and president of the Working Group for the Western Balkans, Tonino Picula, referred to the conclusions of the European Parliament's vote on reports on the implementation of the common foreign and security and security and defense policy of the European Union for Jutarnji list, as well as the consequences of authoritarian regimes in our neighborhood

Without dialogue, Serbia and Kosovo will not enter EU

Tonino Picula, Croatian representative in the EP, president of the Working Group for the Western Balkans and member of the Delegation for relations with BiH and Kosovo gave an interview to The Parliament Magazine, in which he explained how the democratic resilience of candidate countries is inextricably linked to the stability and security of the EU

Picula: Ukraine needs all sorts of help

Tonino Picula, Croatian member of the European Parliament and coordinator of the S&D group for foreign affairs, gave an interview to Večernji list after returning from his duties in Kiev and on the eve of the Croatian Parliament's vote on the European military aid mission to Ukraine

The situation in Montenegro is a threat to long-standing EU ambitions

The head of the delegation for Montenegro, Slovak Vladimir Bilčik, and the permanent rapporteur for Montenegro, Croatian MEP Tonino Picula, published a joint statement on Tuesday

Picula: HDZ is inclined to attribute to itself the creation of heaven, earth, and Croatia

Croatian member of the European Parliament, Tonino Picula, commented on current political affairs and Croatia's victory at the World Cup in Novi dan for N1.

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Upgrading support to Ukraine should not be a point of contention

There is no reason for Croatia not to participate in the European Union's military aid mission to support Ukraine, said Croatian MEP Tonino Picula, who recently visited Kyiv, but the government's poor communication made the issue unpopular and turned it into a point of contention.

U.S. discriminates against its allies

“The U.S. is following a domestic agenda, which is regrettably protectionist and discriminates against U.S. allies,” for Politico said Tonino Picula, Croatian MEP and the European Parliament’s lead person on the transatlantic relationship.
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