July 4, 2022 Plenary Sessions

The right to abortion in the Republic of Croatia - back in the Constitution!

A woman's right to choose must not be revoked, Picula pointed out in a plenary speech in the European Parliament

The decision of the US Supreme Court to cancel the right to abortion is a dangerous precedent and proof that "Trumpism", unfortunately, did not disappear with his mandate.

This is precisely why we must do everything to prevent similar initiatives in our societies that are inspired by this humiliating decision. In these traumatic and difficult situations, women must be able to make independent decisions about their own bodies and reproductive health, without pressure or conditioning, and receive appropriate care in their city and country.

Unfortunately, the health system in Croatia is also networked with the most conservative influences, so in the public health system, we have entire hospitals where doctors refuse the right to access abortion. It is time to ensure the right to abortion in the entire EU, including in Croatia, by including it in national constitutions and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

A woman's right to choose must not be revoked. Our obligation is to ensure and defend this right!

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