June 7, 2022 Parlament Activities

Environmental and safety challenges are linked!

At yesterday's plenary session of the European Parliament, Croatian MP Tonino Picula gave a speech on the Report on Security and Environmental Policy, emphasizing the unquestionable close connection between climate change and security challenges.

The speech is below.

I believe the Report is timely and shows once again that this community is at the forefront of the topics that will shape our future. The world has changed drastically since February 24 this year, and the perspective of many when it comes to our defense has changed. We need more cooperation between our Member States and our partners, through a series of activities.

I believe in the importance of preparing for new security challenges affected by climate change, which could increase threats and have geopolitical consequences, which we can already witness in areas such as the Arctic or the Sahel.

I also want to point out the water problem. Water resources will be severely affected by climate change, and global water demand will only grow further.

I therefore believe that we have produced an ambitious report that will serve as a response to some of the greatest challenges of our time. Our reaction should certainly be environmentally conscious and rational, so as not to further jeopardize safety in these very volatile times.

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