November 16, 2023 Committees / Intergroup

Picula's Recommendations on EU-US Relations adopted ahead of the super-election year

The future of EU-US relations must be based on a joint fight against inequality and work on the continuation of the green transition

"The future of relations between the European Union and the United States must be based on a joint fight against inequality and work on the continuation of the green transition of society and the economy. Only in this way can we ensure a safer and healthier future - through mitigating climate change, advocating for peaceful conflict resolution, arms control, fighting racism, and reforming economic governance," emphasized Croatian Member of the European Parliament Tonino Picula on the occasion of the adoption of his new Report on EU-US Relations.

At today's session, members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament voted in favor of Picula's report with 41 votes for, five against, and one abstention. The report highlights the need for a joint defense of democratic values, which are under pressure not only on the global scene but also within the EU and US members themselves.

Special emphasis is placed on the multiple crises currently shaking the world, including Russian aggression in Ukraine, tensions in the Middle East, and China's increasingly prominent role on the international scene. In the area of defense and security, the document emphasizes the importance of EU strategic autonomy, while recognizing the significant contribution of the US to European security. Improving cooperation between the EU and NATO is also key. The amendments deal with various global challenges, including the situation in Ukraine, China's growing assertiveness, and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. The report also highlights the importance of respecting the defense investment commitments of EU member states, to ensure a fairer burden-sharing with the United States.

An important part of the report also relates to foreign policy and defense cooperation, with the aim of joint progress in key foreign policy dossiers, including relations with China, countries of Eastern and Southern Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Indo-Pacific. Focus is also placed on cooperation in key technologies, digital diplomacy, and cyber security to promote democratic standards and secure digital infrastructure. Joint efforts to address climate change, secure energy supplies, and encourage innovation in low-carbon technologies are also highlighted.

Tonino Picula added: "This document represents a set of recommendations of the European Parliament for the continuation of the transatlantic alliance in defense of democratic values that are under pressure everywhere, including within our societies. Together we must maintain the protective ratio of critical technologies and raw materials to ensure an advantage over increasingly determined geopolitical rivals."

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