May 15, 2019 Office Projects

Manual on the Protection of traditional Products - II. edition

The office of MEP Tonino Picula published the second edition of the "Traditional products and the EU quality schemes" manual. Summarizing our existing experience, we want to encourage new manufacturers to have their products in the list of those with European quality labels.

"Dear Croatian manufacturers, I look forward to presenting you with the second edition of the European Union's Traditional Products and Quality Labels: From Idea to Realization." The manual addresses a number of misconceptions about product protection and summarizes quality solutions for manufacturers who are just about to embark on a protection process.

I wish you all a great success in protecting and selling your products in Croatia, the EU and beyond", said MEP Tonino Picula, who has been involved in the protection of Croatian traditional products since the beginning of his term.

You can download the new version of the manual at the link.

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